Community Empowerment towards Socio-Economic Development and Democracy

Goal of the project:  The quality of equity life of the poor and vulnerable groups will be Improved through participation in local governance, improved food security, access to better health practices and improved natural resource management.

Result 1: The Village Development Actors (VDAs), beneficiaries and local authorities within target communes empowered and actively participated in local governance for sustainable development.
Result 2: Decreased by 50% number of months of food insecurity for the poor families, disadvantage group and disabled people within target communes
Result 3:  The poor and vulnerable group within target communities improved their health/sanitation practices, HIV/AIDS prevention and received social economic supports.
Result 4: The Village Development Actors (VDA), Community Forestry Committee (CFC), and authorities improved their effectiveness in community natural resource management as climate change intervention.
The main activities: 
1.    Establish and empower the Village Development Actors (VDA); CBO and target beneficiaries within target communes on their functioning in resource management toward self-reliance and its sustainability.
2.    Provide training and workshops to VDA members and target beneficiaries on group functioning and group resources management and recording.
3.    Provide community rice bank, cow’s banks, livestock and vegetable production.
4.    Provide input funds to VDAs; CBO and target beneficiaries to rehabilitate and maintain current small scale irrigation systems.
5.    Raise community awareness on civic rights, decentralization; democracy process, land laws and other laws.
6.    Conduct the community research on CRR data for public services and development issues within target communes.
7.    Organize the reflection Forum and follow up sessions with service providers to dialogue and advocate for improvement of the local services deliver.
8.    Provide training / workshops to local authorities, CBOs on RBA, CC law, Organic law & local governance.
9.    Organize public events awareness on NRME, Climate Change, and World Environment Day.
10.    Conduct education workshop awareness on general health /hygiene facilities & other diseases. 
11.    Deliver home base care services and social economic support to PLHIV patients & disabled family.
12.    Disseminate basic knowledge on conservation of NRME, World Climate Change issues, forestry laws.
13.    Organize the field visit to forestry land conflict area to support and empower target communities in lobby advocacy process.
The project period: 01 January 2010- 2012 (36 months period)
Funding: Diakonia     
This project target areas: The project is arming to implement in 39 selected villages of 4 communes of 2 district (Svay Check and Phnom Srok), Banteay Meanchey province ( Estimated 15,000 beneficiaries).

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