Significant progress has made in Cambodia after the civil war lasted for three decades. However, given the sheer scale of the damages which still remain in the society are barriers for sparing infrastructures, developing quantity and quality of education, and improving access to health care services.

In rural areas where 85% of the population live, a large number of people is still suffering from extreme poverty and access to the fundamental services, knowledge, and facilities to improve their livelihoods. Some of the factors for existing chronic poverty in rural areas are in lack of agricultural product-activities, lack of water sources, lack of agricultural inputs and resources, such as irrigation systems, the distance from urban markets, marketing skills, limited awareness in nutrition, sanitation and hygiene practices.


All Cambodian people live in equity, good health, education, peace and democracy.


 RCEDO is working to support the rural communities and line government departments in their efforts to improve the living condition of rural communities and achieved peace and democracy.

Development Goal

Improved the quality of life of the poor, the youth and marginalized through participation in local governance, improving food security, access to better health practice and natural resource management.

Core Values

  • Partnership
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Gender Equality
  • Morality and Honesty
  • Environmental preservation
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