Community Empowerment toward Socio-Economic Development (CESED) of Oddar Meanchey

Goal of the project:  “Poor farmers and vulnerable families in the project areas of Changkal district, are well-being and empowered through agro-technical knowledge and participating in Self-Help group (SHG) as well as farmer cooperative of SHG’s to achieve the sustainable development activities by their own initiatives by end of year 2015 “.
The objectives of the project.
1.    To ensure poor households have enough food throughout the year, by increasing the number of household income sources through agriculture development activities.
2.    To ensure household food security is achieved by participating and empowering Self-Help group (SHGs) and as well as cooperative of SHGs to start up social business initiatives and marketing services within their own rural communities.
3.    To ensure individuals to live active and healthy lives, by increasing dietary diversity, and reducing the incidence of other diseases.
The main activities: 
1.    Estimate 25 Self-Help groups (SHG) with consisting 500 vulnerable families and trained.
2.    Conduct the 10 farmer field schools (vegetable, rice crop and livestock)  and input supplies.
3.    Establish 9 Village rice banks.
4.    Created 5 CBO and Farmer Cooperative and market linkage.
5.    Farmer exchange visit for learning and sharing knowledge
6.    Organize formal & informal education workshops on awareness of general health/hygiene issues & other diseases to 3500 beneficiaries.
7.    Build capacity of Nutrition Focal Person (NFP) and District Woman Affair staffs transfer and disseminate on how to prepare nutrition food to domestic mothers and child.
8.    Disseminate WASH and nutrition information at primary school students and nutrition food made distribution to 1500 mothers and children.
9.    Building drill wells, water pond and family latrine.
10.    Disseminate awareness on gender equity, domestic violence and illegal migration to target beneficiaries. 

The project period: 3 years (from 2012 to 2015).
Funding: Community Development Fund (CDF/AusAID).

This project target areas: The project is arming to implement in 20 selected villages of 4 target communes of Changkal district, Oddar Meanchey province. Those communes are Pong Ro, Chongkal, Cheung Tien and Krosaang commune.

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